12 Holiday Swimming Tips!

With the holidays just around the corner, we often get asked how families with little ones can safely enjoy time spent by the water while on vacation in sunny destinations. Whether you’re in the ocean, pool, or lazy river here are our “12 Holiday Swimming Tips” in no particular order!


When researching accommodation amenities, always check to see what safety measures are in place for any water-based activities. Some locations have facilities that cater to young children. Make your selection accordingly.


Inflatable donuts are fun for Instagram, but they don’t count as flotation devices for your children. Bring their lifejacket, or ensure that your accommodation has children’s lifejackets available for use. Inflatable arm floats can give you a false sense of security and can easily slip off, lifejackets are always a safer option!


Pack bathing suits in your carry-on luggage. Not only are you prepared to hit the pool straight away, but if your checked luggage gets lost, at least you have the essentials!


Check local weather conditions before swimming or boating. This is especially important in an unfamiliar setting.


Don’t forget to apply sunscreen frequently. One metre of water will still let 40 per cent of the UVB rays through and the cooling effect of the water makes you less aware of the sun. Burning your back while snorkeling is very easy to do.


Understand your swimming environment and set ground rules. Before hitting the water, let your child know where the deep and shallow areas are, and set boundaries together.


Encourage your children to always ask for your permission before going into the pool. This small safety measure establishes contact with the supervising adult and reminds children that they should always let someone know when they are going in the water.


Don’t get distracted. Parents and caregivers must be within arms’ reach of their children whenever they are near water. Simple things like reading or checking your phone can easily result in a lapse in attentiveness long enough for a child to get into trouble. Even with lifejackets on!


Just because you’re in water doesn’t mean you should stop drinking it! Encourage your family to stay hydrated by bringing reusable water bottles to the beach.


While swimming, ask your child to practice the swim skills they have learned in class. They’ll be happy to show off their skills! If your child doesn’t attend our classes yet, check out our Programs At A Glance.


At the same time, don’t work too hard to progress while on vacation… the holidays are not the place to “push”. Just have lots of fun!


If you haven’t already, sign up your child for Winter Swimming Lessons at Making Waves. We can’t wait to see you in the new year!

Remember, swim safety doesn’t go on vacation – even when you do. Happy Holidays, from all of us at Making Waves!