A Real Making Waves First-Time Experience

As a stay at home mom and yoga instructor, Meaghan was all about connection – connecting with the yogi moms taking her classes, and of course, connecting with her young daughter, Nevaeh. That’s why when looking for swimming lessons for her 19-month-old, she landed on a swim school that valued those connections and relationship building.

We sat down with Meaghan as she shared with us her experience of enrolling Nevaeh for the first time in baby swimming lessons.

Wanting to get Nevaeh involved in some extracurriculars, Meaghan looked around for a swim school. It was a big part of her life growing up, so she wanted to see her daughter confident in the water, capable of swimming and keeping herself afloat. Water safety is hugely important, especially in baby swimming – that’s one of the reasons Meaghan says she chose Making Waves. That, and the friendliness of our staff.

Mum and dad were a little nervous sending young Nevaeh into the water the first time – as are most parents! It’s a new experience for parent & tots alike, so feeling some nerves is completely normal. The first week, there were some tears and resistance on Nevaeh’s part – getting into the water can be a scary thing for little ones!

However, she very quickly integrated herself and made progress, fully participating in all activities by the third week, happily kicking her feet and holding on to a turtle floaty. In no time, Nevaeh was making her mum tear up with pride at every swimming lesson, watching her girl get more and more comfortable in the water.

The patience, kindness and support of our staff, specifically our instructors, really made the difference. “She’s lovely,” Meaghan said about her daughter’s instructor. “[She] didn’t push her to do things that were uncomfortable.” With high-fives all around, she says the atmosphere at Making Waves is welcoming, embracing and kid-friendly – a great place for baby swimming lessons. “Everyone is sweet and that has increased [Nevaeh’s] confidence, because of the connection”.

She ended our conversation, saying “Making Waves is so family- and kid-friendly and that is such an awesome thing.” The intentionality we have with each individual child is what was most noteworthy to Meaghan. She says you can see that the children really are the centre: “Meeting each child where they are is beautiful.”

Establishing with our tots and their parents, from the very beginning, a relationship of trust, is vital. That relationship builds the foundation for a future of journeying together in swim lessons as their child grows up, and becomes more confident, comfortable and capable in the water. Ready to get started? We are now accepting registrations for Spring, so visit one of our pools or give us a call to find the right program for your little fish. See you at the pool!