Leadership Team

  • Tiernan Murphy

    Owner and Founder

    Making Waves was born back in 1994 when I started teaching swimming lessons to neighbourhood kids out of my parents backyard pool in Brampton. I truly believe that our growth as a company is a tribute to the motivated, creative, talented and caring staff that have fueled Making Waves today and along the way. When not in pursuit of all things aquatic, you may find me biking, golfing, cooking or just having fun with my 3 amazing kids!

  • Stephanie Orefice


    I’m the one without the webbed feet contributing from behind the scenes on marketing, management development and strategic planning. You are more likely to find me running after our kids and editing copy than doing front crawl at the pool! I love meeting new parents enrolled in our program and hearing how pleased they are with their children’s progress. It is such a rewarding industry to be a part of! Besides building Lego City with our boys and spending time with our beautiful daughter, I also love painting, photography, soccer and eating lots of good Italian food!

  • Carrie Mendlow

    Director of Operations

    I have been working at Making Waves since 1999 and can officially say I’ve done every job there is to do here! It has been amazing to see the company grow over the years and to be a part of such a dedicated and motivated team. The company has touched so many lives, including my own; many of my best friends are people I met here! When I am not at the pool you may find me in the kitchen. I love to cook! If the leaves are falling and it’s Sunday you will find me in my Green Bay Packers jersey watching football and spending time with family and friends.

  • Angel Massey-Singh

    Director of Marketing

    I have been a client at Making Waves for almost a decade. I loved our experience so much, I decided to work here!  I’m proud to be a part of such an organized, smart and caring group of individuals; all passionately dedicated to safely teaching your little fish to swim and growing along with them.  I love hearing the stories and encourage you to share them with us in person and online!  When I’m not here, I am serving on the Board of Directors with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel – yep, I believe deeply in helping kids –  as well as hanging out with my own two children, my husband and my mom.  Hope to see you soon!

  • Debbie Percy

    Controller / HR Administrator

    I have spent the last 10 years consulting with a broad range of businesses in their growth phase and loved Making Waves as a client so much that I decided to join full-time! I contribute a unique entrepreneurial and small business perspective, specializing in human resources and financial roles. Fun fact: I actually worked as an RN early in my career! When I’m not crunching numbers, I love crunching snow while downhill skiing and crunching mulch when gardening.

  • Lisa Rosenberger

    Project Manager

    Hi, everyone.  My name is Lisa!  I am in charge of Business Development for Making Waves…I get to work on some of the projects that help our team Make Waves!  Prior to this, I managed our Brampton location for 3 years!  I also really enjoy teaching Advanced Leadership courses such as specialized Instructor courses and lifeguard training programs, building our next generation of exciting Instructors!  I am passionate about music.  One of my favourite experiences was recording at Abbey Road Studios with the band Sigur Ros; the track can be heard on EMI Records and on YouTube.  It was an incredible experience!  See you at the pool!

  • Jennifer Stone

    Manager, Milton

    I’ve been involved in aquatics my entire life! After almost drowning at the age of 3, I was put into swimming lessons, and my love for swimming quickly blossomed. My humble beginnings in lessons developed into a swimming career spanning 15 years, 8 of which I spent representing Canada on the National Team. Some of my greatest accomplishments include being a National Champion, Canadian Record Holder and Youth Olympic Gold medallist.  Despite my success in competitive swimming, perhaps my greatest achievement of all was learning to feel comfortable and safe in the water, something which I owe to all of the great instructors and coaches I’ve had along this journey. My passion for aquatics stems from the great experiences I’ve had, and now I’m dedicating my career to making sure other children get the same opportunity. I look forward to meeting you at the pool and being a part of your journey!

  • Kevin Nunn


    Hello, my name is Kevin! I am the Manager of MWSS Vaughan. I have been a part of the growth of the company since 2009 and I am excited to ‘make waves’ in Vaughan too! My favourite thing about my job is seeing that smile on an instructor’s face when they see their student do a skill they couldn’t do before. I love kids and I love teaching! Having worked both in private and public sector jobs in my area of expertise, Urban Planning, I have returned to Making Waves for its amazing culture and sense of family – this truly is the best place to work! In my spare time, you’ll catch me travelling the world, cycling around Toronto, or swimming competitively at the pool. Make sure you stop by and say hi when you are at the pool!

  • Melissa Ruggiero

    Manager, Brampton

    Hi there! My name is Melissa and I have been at Making Waves since 2010. Since I have started here the energy in the building has been outstanding! The positive energy is encouraging for both the staff and swimmers! I love coming into work and I am so excited to be the Program and Facility Manager for Brampton.  Some of my hobbies include dancing, swimming, boating, and travelling. Hope to see you soon, keep on swimming!

  • Richard Weaver

    Maintenance Coordinator

    You can call me Big Rich! I’ve been working at Making Waves since 2003, and I am kind of a legend in the pool – LOL! You can find me hanging around at all our locations teaching your little ‘fishes’ how to swim. Most people know that I’m a huge Jays fan and dream to be part of their line-up one day. I love chicken wings so if I’m not at the pool you can probably find me at Wild Wing!

  • Deanna Noel

    Manager, Vaughan

    Hello! My name is Deanna, but you can call me “D”. I love being active and playing sports. In fact, I play so many sports, it’s hard to pick a favourite! I would love to travel to Thailand as I think it would be an amazing experience! Something that I have always wanted to do, but have never tried, would be skydiving! Something that not many people know about me is that I love Olympic weightlifting and cross fit! I love working at Making Waves because of how much everyone supports each other.

Site Supervisors

Our site supervisors are the people in charge of your overall customer experience. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, they can help you.

  • Maurice James

    Hey! My name is Maurice. After taking lessons here as a kid, I became an Instructor. Over time, I became a Head Instructor, Customer Service Representative and now I am a Supervisor! I have grown up at Making Waves and just love it all!  When I’m not at the pool you can find me watching movies with my friends. My favourite movie is “Rush Hour 2”. One day I hope to be an Optometrist. See you at the pool!

  • Matthew Reynolds

    Hey everyone! My name is Matthew, but my friends call me Matt. I have been working at Making Waves since 2012, but I started much earlier when I took lessons here! My favourite thing about Making Waves is the friendly staff and the family atmosphere. When I’m not at the pool you can find me watching or playing sports. My favourite team is the Toronto Blue Jays, and I hope one day I can watch them win the World Series. If you see me at the pool, come say hi!

  • Alana Papais

    Hi I’m Alana! I love going to the beach and traveling to new places. One day I hope to travel to Australia! I love to teach kids how to swim and see all of the progress they make! My favorite skill to teach is front crawl. See you at the pool!

  • Alessia Gileppo

    Hi my name is Alessia. I have been teaching swimming lessons for four years and my favourite skill to teach is front crawl. I love to travel and have seen so many places such as Italy, Los Angeles and San Francisco and I hope to visit London, England one day. I also enjoy shopping and watching movies, my favourite movie is The Great Gatsby. I love teaching kids and having fun with them in the water. See you at the pool:)

  • Salia Moeini

    Hi, i’m Salia! I have had the pleasure of working with the enthusiastic team at MWSS as an instructor, head instructor, and site supervisor, so i can help answer any questions you may have about your child’s progress. My favourite thing about my job is coming up with creative ways to teach new skills. I’ve got lots of tips and tricks to show you, so come Make Waves with me in Vaughan!

  • Samantha Calautti

    Hi, my name is Samantha and I’ve grown up at Making Waves. After taking lessons here as a kid I became a volunteer and then instructor. Over the years, I became a Head Instructor, Customer Service Representative and now I am a Supervisor. I love working at Making Waves because of the amazing atmosphere. When I’m not at Making Waves I enjoy dancing and travelling. See you at the pool!

  • Scott Hladun

    Hi! I’m Scott and I’ve been working at Making Waves for just over 6 years! I’ve taught hundreds of kids over my years here. My favourite thing about working here is seeing the pride in kids eyes when they finally accomplish a skill they’ve worked so hard on. When I’m not in the pool I will probably be at school learning something new. I love learning new languages, inventing with electronics and travelling the world. Recently I lived in France for half a year to learn French and experience the culture. Come stop by and say bonjour!

  • Jessica Maiorano

    Hello my name is Jessica but you can call me Jess. I have already visited Jamaica, Nova Scotia, Vegas and Florida, but the next place I would love to go is Belize. I am a positive spirit always ready for an adventure! In the summer, you can find me outside enjoying the nice weather but when the colder weather hits, the only time you will find me outside is if I am hitting the hills for some snowboarding! On my downtime, I enjoy reading, going for walks and catching up with my loved ones. See you at the pool!

  • Catherine Petschke

    Hey! My name is Catherine.  I have been working at Making Waves for over 5 years, but swimming has always been apart of my life.  I started lessons at Making Waves when I was 2 years old and now I instruct, head instruct, work at the front desk, and supervise!  What I love about working at Making Waves is the ability to see children and adults of all ages enjoy and succeed at such an important life skill.  I hope to see your smiles at the pool soon!

  • Cynthia Chorobik

    Hi, I’m Cynthia! I started working at Making Waves in 2011 at the Milton location but you can now find me in Vaughan. I started swimming as a baby in Parent & Tot classes and haven’t been able to stay out of the water since, doing everything from springboard diving to synchronized swimming. I enjoy being able to pass on my love for swimming in such a rewarding way working at Making Waves. Aside from my passion for swimming I also love animals so in 2015 I started my own dog walking business. When I’m not at the pool or out walking dogs, I like to play board games with friends and travel as much as I can.

  • Angela Boyd

    Hi Everyone, I am Angela, but you can call me Angie. I love going for bike rides and eating ice cream. Other than swimming, I love to play lacrosse. I have a long list of exciting adventures I would like to take: I want to sky dive, go to a Jason Aldean concert, and go scuba diving! Working with kids is so much fun! I love seeing the progress they make. Next time you see me at the pool, come and say hello!

  • Sophie Legendre

    Hi, my name is Sophie! You can usually find me at the Milton location head instructing and site supervising! I have a strong aquatic background including coaching at a competitive level, as well as swimming competitively myself! My favourite thing to teach is breaststroke! Can’t wait to see you at the pool!

  • Jane Williams

    Hey, I’m Jane! I have worked at Making Waves since 2011.  I am also a nanny on the side, so you can see I love being with kids! My favourite skill to teach is rocket ship glides! I really enjoy teaching the little ones – they always know how to make you smile.   I love the fun Making Waves atmosphere – it makes me really enjoy my job!  See you at the pool!

  • Danielle Tivoli

    Hi I’m Danielle! You can call me Dani if you’d like! I love nature walks and travelling new places. I have been to Israel, New York, Aruba, and one day hope to travel all of Europe and learn all the languages. I love teaching kids and have so much fun bonding with them in the pool! Come Make Waves with me in the pool! 🙂

  • Macy Lehoux

    Hi my name is Macy! I’ve been working at Making Waves since 2012! You will normally catch me working at the Milton facility. The number one thing I love about Making Waves is the positive environment! I also love seeing the smile on a child’s face when they accomplish their goals! I can’t wait to see you at the pool!

  • Daniel Jolic

    Hello!  My name is Daniel, and I have been swimming with Making Waves since I was six months old! You can now find me teaching all the little fish in the pool, registering swimmers at the front desk, mentoring staff as a Head Instructor, or Site Supervising the facility!  I guess you can call me a “Fish of All Trades!”  I love music!  My favourite kind is classic rock, so come see me if you want to jam!  I also enjoy spending time outdoors and exploring by dirt-biking, ATVing, snowmobiling, boating, and kayaking! What are some of your hobbies? I cannot wait to be a part of your aquatic journey! See you at the pool!!

  • Meghan Gougeon

    Hi my name is Meghan!!! I have been working at Making Waves for over 5 years and you can find me swimming and supervising here at the Brampton facility.  I love working at Making Waves because each day is a new experience, and I enjoy listening to what children have accomplished and learned, but also helping the staff to grow and become independent.  What I love about Making Waves most is seeing and having the ability to help each child and adult enjoy and succeed in their swimming class because I believe it is an important life skill.  Over the years, Making Waves has become like a second family to me and it truly the best place to work, you can always have fun with everyone who is in the building. When I am not at Making Waves I love to listen to music at home or at a concert, riding in my big pickup truck, and just relaxing with my friends!  Hope to see you at the pool 🙂

  • Rachel Lamarra

    Hi, my name is Rachel! I have been working at Making Waves since 2007, and you can normally find me working at our Brampton facility.  I started swimming here at Making Waves when I was 5 years old and over the years, I have to say, I have become such a little fish in the water; I passed all my levels, then became an instructor, then head instructor.  I then continued to grow and began working at the front desk and now I am a Site Supervisor!!!!  I love working at Making Waves because every time I come into work I enter into my second family with all the incredible staff, and the warm smiles and hugs from the parents and kids.  In the pool I love to teach the leadership classes and training students to become part of such incredible family. I also love teaching the younger children and watching them find the love for swimming!!!  When I am not at Making Waves I love to hang with friends, but also go on adventures and expand my knowledge about the world and the fun that it brings.

  • Rachel Singh

    Hi my name is Rachel and I have been working for Making Waves since 2009.  You can find me in the pool teaching your little fish to swim, at reception getting those little fish registered, or head instructing and supervising at any one of our locations! I enjoy working at Making Waves because of the fun and energetic work environment. I love travelling to beautiful islands such as Barbados whenever I get the chance.

  • Richard Weaver

    You can call me Big Rich! I’ve been working at Making Waves since 2003, and I am kind of a legend in the pool – LOL! You can find me hanging around at all our locations teaching your little ‘fishes’ how to swim. Most people know that I’m a huge Jays fan and dream to be part of their line-up one day. I love chicken wings so if I’m not at the pool you can probably find me at Wild Wing!

  • Sarah Winter

    Hi, my name is Sarah.  I’ve been with Making Waves for over ten years!  I love working here because of the positive environment and the amazing staff.  I bring my son swimming here and he hasn’t met an instructor he doesn’t like.  It has been a great opportunity for me to experience Making Waves both as an employee and as a parent.

  • Savannah Gravel

    Hi my name is Savannah. I’ve grown up at Making Waves. I’ve been working in Milton for over five years and I’ve been swimming here for even longer!! I love working with kids and adults, helping them become comfortable and happy in the water. The youngest person I have taught was three weeks old and the oldest was eighty!! Anyone can learn how to swim! Hop in the water and we’ll show you how!


Save these dates!

Year round swim sessions offer daytime, evening and weekend options to suit every schedule.  Session start dates are listed below. Individual class start and end dates will vary based on the day of the week you are registered for.

Below are important dates throughout the year to remember, including session start and end dates, closures, and registration periods.