Leadership Team

  • Tiernan Murphy

    Owner and Founder

    In 1994 I started teaching swimming lessons to neighbourhood kids out of my parents backyard pool in Brampton. I couldn’t have realized then what Making Waves would grow to become. Our success as a company is a tribute to the motivated, creative, talented and caring staff that have fuelled Making Waves today and all along the way. I am really excited about the mentorship that happens every day at Making Waves and I am really passionate about the life skills we are teaching both our students and our staff.  I like to live by the mantra “if it’s not fun, make it fun!” and outside of the business you may find me biking, cooking something spicy, baking bread or spending some quality time with my 3 amazing kids!

  • Stephanie Orefice


    Making Waves is truly a part of our lives and very much a family business that has evolved over time. Tiernan and I love meeting new parents enrolled in our program and hearing how pleased they are with their child’s progress. I am involved from behind the scenes at Making Waves these days, helping with strategic planning for the company and assisting with facility building and design. As a mom trying to balance life with 3 active kids I can also really relate to our families at Making Waves. I have a passion for the creative and love visiting art galleries, taking pictures and eating delicious food from all over the world!

  • Angel Massey-Singh

    Corporate Operating Officer (COO)

    My relationship with Making Waves started as a parent with a child in lessons. I believed in the program so much, I came to work here in 2017! I help to rally our teams, build up our communities and creating diverse and inclusive company culture. Passion for the cause matters and that is so easy to have at Making Waves > Kids have fun and Parents see progress!

  • Laura O’Driscoll

    Director of Operations

    Hello! I originally started with Making Waves in 2013, managing the Brampton location. Aquatics has always been a passion of mine. I enjoy teaching advanced leadership courses and love to continue taking courses myself! When I am not at the pool, you are most likely to find me spending family time with my husband and three children.  We love going to the park and going for hikes with our dog.

  • Carrie Mendlow

    Director, Learning & Development

    I have been working at Making Waves since 1999 and can officially say I’ve done every job there is to do in Operations.  Fun fact: I was the first official Head Coach, Customer Service Representative, Manager and Director of Operations.  My passion and purpose over the years has been working closely with the owners to develop systems that have allowed us to grow and have allowed our talented teams to develop and work within.  My role now is to continue to develop our programs and training systems to be the best they can be and still maintain the ‘family-run business’ feel within our operations.  Making Waves has had a huge impact on my life and I enjoy seeing how our work impacts the lives of our families, staff and swimmers.  When I am not at the pool, you’ll find me cooking, gardening, meditating or spending time with the people who matter most to me.  Hope to see you at the pool!

  • Shelley Thomas

    Director, Human Resources

    My youngest son started swimming lessons at Making Waves a little over 2-years ago.  As a proud parent, I watched my son progress quickly and develop confidence in his abilities. I credit part of his success to the exceptional Coaches who diligently work with him.  As a professional, I’m thrilled to be part of the Making Waves family and my passion is to work intimately with all leaders and employees to cultivate a culture of engagement, growth, and fun! In my spare time, you can find me spending time near water, motorcycling with my husband, cooking, and spending time with my two terrific boys.
  • Debbie Percy

    Financial Controller

    I have spent the last 10 years consulting with a broad range of businesses in their growth phase and loved Making Waves as a client so much that I decided to join full-time! I contribute a unique entrepreneurial and small business perspective, specializing in human resources and financial roles. Fun fact: I actually worked as an RN early in my career! When I’m not crunching numbers, I love crunching snow while downhill skiing and crunching mulch when gardening.

  • Jennifer Stone

    Project Manager

    My journey in aquatics began after a near-drowning incident at the age of 3. With the help of great coaches and mentors, I developed a passion for swimming that would open the door to many incredible opportunities, including representing Canada on the National team for over a decade. My greatest accomplishment has been learning to be safe in the water; a skill set that I have since dedicated my career to.

  • Roman Monteiro-Pagliei

    Project Coordinator

    Hi there! My name is Roman! I have been working with Making Waves since 2014. I’ve been a Coach, Head Coach, Customer Service Representative, and Supervisor!  I am excited to now be in the Project Coordinator role.  I enjoy working at Making Waves because everyone here is like a second family to me. In my spare time, I like to read and spend time with my friends. I hope to see you See you at pool!

  • Sydney Spearing

    Training Coordinator

    Hey! I’m Sydney! I chose aquatics as a career as I love everything about water! I was a competitive swimmer, I studied Marine and Freshwater Biology and I have been involved in aquatics my whole life. I have worked at all four of Making Wave’s locations and been in almost all of the Roles including Coach, Customer Service Representative, Head Coach, Supervisor, and Facility Manager. Now I am taking on a new role in Training, Development and Onboarding at Making Waves. Getting to see the swimmers and staff I have taught grow and improve is the best feeling in the world and I am excited to continue to help grow our company in my new role.
  • Aishwarya Chauhan

    Jr. Accountant

    Hey! I’m Aishwarya. I studied Accounting and Finance. I enjoy working with data, and the constant learning aspect that comes with working in accounting leads me to choose this career. I like the working environment and team members at Making Waves!

  • Marcy Singh

    Manager, Mississauga & Vaughan

    Hi, I’m Marcy!  My love for swimming began when I was just 6 months old and only grew from there. I spent years involved in swim teams, diving, synchronized swimming and then onto instructing and lifeguarding throughout high school and college.  I am passionate about creating great experiences and building meaningful relationships with everyone I interact with.  I am very happy to be a part of the Making Waves team.  When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my husband, nieces and nephew. I love going to the lake, reading and I love to travel!

  • Matthew Dmytrenko

    Manager, Milton

    My journey in aquatics began at a young age when I was fortunate to have passionate coaches and leaders that made a lasting impact on me as I began my competitive swimming career and instilled a lifelong passion for creating safe, fun & educational aquatic environments for all communities. I believe in empowering communities to learn the fundamental skill of swimming & to reap the physical & mental health benefits that come with learning a lifesaving skill. I enjoy sharing my passion for swimming with our staff and families and want to ensure our students are  always safe, learning & always having fun!

  • Nirvana Alli

    Assistant Manager, Brampton

    Hi Making Waves Family! I started my journey with Making Waves as a parent bringing my son to learn to swim at an amazing swim school. I was so impressed I decided I wanted to join their team. I began as a CSR in 2014 and then moved into an administrative role to assist some of the Managers and the awesome team at Head Office. When I’m not working I am spending time with my husband, son, friends and very large extended family. One thing we love to do is travel and see the world. Looking forward to the next adventure and can’t wait to see you at the pool!

  • Josh D’ Souza

    Assistant Manager, Mississauga

    Hey everyone, I’m Josh! I’ve been in aquatics since I was a kid. I started out as a competitive swimmer and then became a lifeguard. I went to school for Political Science at UTM and recently finished my firefighting program. When I’m not at work, you can probably find me doing something active, watching sports, or spending time with my family and friends. Hope to see you at the pool soon!


  • Joan Grosh

    Assistant Manager, Vaughan

    Hi, my name is Joan, I have worked in aquatics for as long as I can remember. I love swimming and wanted to spread the joy so I became an instructor/lifeguard. There is nothing like the look on the face of a student who finally masters the skill that they have been struggling with! After a few years, I wanted more. I love taking courses and learning new things so it wasn’t long before I stepped into teaching Leadership and Aquafit and I haven’t looked back. There isn’t a level I don’t enjoy teaching and even as a supervisor you will often see me in the water helping out. When I am not in the pool I am working out at home, going for walks, reading, or playing solitaire on my computer.  I look forward to meeting you all!

  • Richard Weaver

    Maintenance Technician

    Hi, my name is Richard.  I have been working at Making Waves since 2003.  You may have seen me at the pool teaching your little fish how to swim or helping you out behind the scenes as one of our Supervisors. I love being a part of the Maintenance Team and helping to ensure that our buildings and pools are operating at their best, so you can have the best experience possible here at Making Waves.  If I am not at the pool, then you can catch me watching the Blue Jays win (or lose).  If you see me around don’t be shy and say ‘Hi’, I love talking with everyone!  See you at the pool!

  • Gideon Osei Ackom

    Maintenance Coordinator

    Hi, my name is Gideon. I feel that my current position as well as my past position as a Building Operator and Facility Maintenance Coordinator prepared me to join the Making Waves family as a Maintenance Coordinator. I am eager to use the knowledge I have gained to expand my abilities to the next level. You can catch me at the soccer field or at a Toronto Raptors game during my free time. Can’t wait to see you at the pool.


Our Supervisors are the people in charge of your overall customer experience. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, they can help you.

  • Andrew Truong

    Hello Making Waves family! It is so nice to meet you, my name is Andrew! I have been at Making Waves Swim School since 2019, and every year continues to beat the last! My favourite stroke as a swimmer is breaststroke, but my favourite to teach is front crawl given the multitude of teaching methods and techniques used to perfect it. I love playing basketball and enjoy watching all sports with my friends and family. In my free time, I enjoy training my dog Leo, which is a Belgium Malinois and Siberian Husky mix breed. When I am not at the pool, I am furthering my career as an Electrician Apprentice. I also love seeing the world and travelling the globe! However, nothing tops watching our awesome swimmers progress along their swimming journeys and reach their aquatic dreams! Come and visit me at the pool!

  • Anthony Dawod

    Hi I’m Anthony! I’ve been working at making waves for over 3 years now, and I’ve enjoyed every moment. One of my favorite strokes to swim and teach is back crawl. One of my favorite things is when I see my swimmers progress in their swimming as they gain confidence in the water. When I’m not at the facility, I love to bake and watch Netflix. Whenever you’re at the pool, feel free to come say hi!

  • Aysha Dissanayake

    Hi, I’m Aysha! I started working at Making Waves in October 2018 as a coach. The best part about coaching is teaching new swimmers different skills and strokes that will last them a lifetime. After coaching for a while, I became a Head Coach, and now I’m a Supervisor! Outside of Making Waves, I love to be outside with friends, and I’ve recently started to travel more. Hope to see you at the pool soon!

  • Bobbi Kerr

    Hello! My name is Bobbi and I love being in and around the water. I have been a part of the Making Waves family since I was two and started my swimming lessons. I have a passion for teaching and water safety. My favourite place to go in the summer is my cottage, where I get to spend lots of time in the lake! I am a very talkative person, next time you see me at the pool please come say hi!

  • Cory Garraway

    Hey everyone, my name is Cory! I love to interact with the kids and watch them realize what they can achieve when they put in the hard work. My favourite skill to teach at the pool is dives because they are so much fun. When I’m not in the pool you can find me playing the piano, which I taught myself to play. I have even written a few original songs. I’ll see you in the water!

  • Daniel Da Silva

    Hi, my name is Daniel and I’ve been working at Making Waves since 2016! My favourite sport to play is soccer and I love to watch hockey with my friends and family. I love to travel, I have been to places such as Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Los Angeles and Italy! When I am not at the pool you can find me outside going for walks with my dog or at the soccer field playing soccer with my friends. My favourite soccer team is Porto FC! My favourite thing about Making Waves is the amazing and welcoming environment that I get to experience coming in to work every day. Come visit me at the pool!

  • Emma Melaragno

    Hi everybody, my name is Emma! I have been with Making Waves since 2019. My favourite part of Making Waves is seeing the joy in the swimmers once they accomplish something! One of my favourite strokes to teach is breaststroke, the happiness on the swimmers face once they do it makes my day. If I’m not at the pool you can catch me playing basketball or drawing. Hope to see you around the pool very soon!

  • Emma Routhier

    Hi! My name is Emma and I’ve been teaching swim lessons since I was 16! I have always loved to teach and help swimmers learn new skills. Seeing their faces when they accomplish something they have been working on is an amazing feeling! Breaststroke is my favourite skill to do while swimming and I love teaching it our swimmers at Making Waves! The one thing I love besides swimming is learning new languages. I already have English and French under my belt so I’m trying to find a language that is completely different to learn!

  • Holly Newell

    Hello everyone, my name is Holly! Whether I am teaching or overseeing other coaches, I love watching swimmers learn. My journey at Making Waves began when I was 4 years old and by 12 years old, I had my Bronze Medallion certification. At that point, I knew I wanted to have a career in the aquatic industry. My career first began in 2017 when I started coaching lessons and found a passion for teaching. I will be graduating University in 2023 and look forward to continuing my career at Making Waves and in the journalism industry. Can’t wait to see you in the pool!

  • Isabella Oliveira

    Hi everyone, my name is Isabella and I have been with Making Waves since 2020! Since I joined the team, it has felt like a second home! My favourite part about teaching is watching a student’s confidence boost after they master a new skill. When I’m not on the pool deck, you can find me listening to music, baking, or spending time with friends and family! I love to travel and have been to many places within Europe and South America. I hope to travel within Asia in the near future! Looking forward to meeting all the new fish who enter the facility. See you at the pool!

  • Jenna Falvo

    Hi my name is Jenna! I have been teaching swimming lessons for 3 years now! My favourite skill to teach is back crawl. When i’m not at the pool, you can find me painting and spending time with friends and family! I love working at Making Waves because seeing our swimmers become better after each lesson really puts a smile on my face. Can’t wait to see you at the pool!

  • Katharine McLeod


    Hi my name is Katharine! I started working at Making Waves in January 2020 as a coach and have loved every minute since! I have been swimming my entire life and my favourite part about teaching would have to be when I see swimmers finally master a skill that they have been practicing and all their hard work pays off. In my free time I enjoy reading, working out, listening to music and I am currently studying health science with the goal of becoming a pharmacist one day! Please come and say hello if you see me at the pool:)

  • Kevin Singh

    Hey, I’m Kevin! I joined the Making Waves team in 2019 as a Customer Service Representative. From there I was inspired by all of the amazing Coaches to receive my Lifesaving and Coaching qualifications, which has led to me becoming a Supervisor. Over the past few years Making Waves has become my second home and is where I have met some of my lifelong friends. I have immediately grown a passion for teaching leadership courses and mentoring new staff members. Outside of Making Waves, you can find me spending time with family and friends, traveling, and trying new foods. I cannot wait to see everyone’s smiling faces at the pool!

  • Maurice James

    Hey! My name is Maurice. After taking lessons here as a kid, I became an Instructor. Over time, I became a Head Instructor, Customer Service Representative and now I am a Supervisor! I have grown up at Making Waves and just love it all!  When I’m not at the pool you can find me watching movies with my friends. My favourite movie is “Rush Hour 2”. One day I hope to be an Optometrist. See you at the pool!

  • Nathalie Barragan

    Hello, you can call me Nat! I love to travel as I have visited Colombia, Mexico and New York!! One day I hope to visit Germany. When i’m not at the pool, you can catch me going to the movies, out to dinner or shopping! My favourite thing about Making Waves is the friendly staff I get to work with everyday. Even though I love teaching children how to swim, I am striving to become a school teacher too! Come visit me at the pool!

  • Nicole Prudenciano

    Hi my name is Nicole! I have been working at Making Waves since 2016, but I’ve been swimming with Making Waves since I was 5 years old. I was inspired to work here after finishing the lifesaving courses because I love teaching and working with kids! You can always find me in the water and my favourite skill to teach is rocket ship rollovers. When I’m not in the swimming you can catch me playing soccer or reading a good book. Hope to see you at the pool!

  • Noah Pauley

    Hey guys, my name is Noah and I have been with Making Waves since 2018.  I love the game of basketball, both watching and playing it.  My favourite skill to teach is Breaststroke because it is so satisfying to see when a child learns a complex stroke.  I hope to see you around the pool!

  • Noor Sekhon 

    Hey! I’m Noor. I have worked at Making Waves since the Spring of 2019 and I love the environment here, it is like my second home! In my first year I started as a Coach, then on to Head Coach, and CSR, and now Supervisor! I play Flag Football and Volleyball, but my favourite sports are SWIMMING and Lacrosse! I hope to one day travel to see places around the world where my favourite movies and TV shows have taken place such as England where Harry Potter is based! I hope to see you and your little fish at the pool soon!

  • Ramya Vyas

    Hi I’m Ramya! I started my experience with Making Waves as a student when I was ten years old. From there I progressed through all the levels and completed my lifesaving certifications. Since then, I joined the Making Waves team and have now been here for four years. My favourite skill to both teach and do is breaststroke. When I am not swimming, I love to watch movies and dance. If you see me at the pool come say hi! I cannot wait to see everyone!

  • Randy Chan

    Hello everyone! I have been teaching swimming part-time for many years now, although my passion for aquatics has been fully reinvigorated recently! Nothing beats the excitement I receive when I see a swimmer light up after completing a skill through sheer effort and determination. I studied in Therapeutic Recreation which emphasizes the impact on how structured and meaningful activities such as swimming, has on people’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. I reflect this core belief into my own life as well, so when I am not at the pool, I love staying active with hobbies like basketball, golf, skiing, travelling, and teaching my two dogs new tricks. Come by and make some waves with me!

  • Samman Ali

    Hey everyone, I’m Samman! Making Waves has made a big impact on my life, helping me improve my own swim strokes and making me a better teacher! I love being in the water and don’t mind if you refer to me as Aquaman.  In my spare time, I love working out and going to the gym.  If you ever have any questions about working out or about anything at all, come see me at the pool!  Let’s make some splashes together!

  • Serena Carreiro

    Hi, my name is Serena! I’ve been at Making Waves since I was a kid learning how to swim and then joined the team in 2019. My favourite skill to teach is Breathing Position 4 Arms because I love watching kids grasp their first complex skill. When I’m not swimming I love to hang out with my friends, play soccer, and go shopping. If you see me at the pool, be sure to come and say hi!

  • Stephanie Leslie

    Hi, I’m Steph! I’ve been at Making Waves for 15 years and it’s like a second home to me! I love teaching all classes, especially pre-school children. When I’m not at the pool I’m spending time with my family or skiing! If you see me around, come say hi!


Save these dates!

Year round swim sessions offer daytime, evening and weekend options to suit every schedule.  Session start dates are listed below. Individual class start and end dates will vary based on the day of the week you are registered for.

Below are important dates throughout the year to remember, including session start and end dates, closures, and registration periods.

Below are important dates throughout the year to remember, including session start and end dates, closures, and registration periods.