Babies Can Swim Too! Five Benefits of Tot Swimming Lessons

Some parents may hesitate to put their little ones in baby swim classes. They may not even walk yet, why learn how to swim? The truth is, babies actually feel very much at home in the water! And after over 20 years of offering baby swimming lessons, we’ve seen first hand the amazing benefits that water activities have on a baby’s development.

Gaining Confidence

Our Parent & Tot swimming lessons are an excellent way to introduce your child to water in a safe environment. With you right by their side having learned the proper holding techniques, you’ll see your child eliminate any fear of the water and learn to explore – holding onto the side of the pool, jumping into water from a sitting position, even swimming short distances!

Developing Skills

Your voice is the voice your baby reacts to most. Responding to repetitive voice commands coming from Mom or Dad can sharpen your baby’s cognitive skills and increase their understanding. This in turn helps them learn foundational water skills like how to float independently, rolling from front to back and holding their breath under the water. 

Building Strength

Babies may be small, but those little arms and legs are strong! Less gravity in the pool gives your baby space to play with body and muscle control in a different way than in the crib or floor time. They learn everything from coordination and concentration to balance and breathing.

Strengthening Bonds

There’s nothing quite like playtime with your little one. Our Parent & Tot swim classes are a great opportunity for Mom or Dad to spend some quality fun time with their baby. The one-to-one proximity in the water strengthens an already strong and special bond, while splashing around in the water and having a good time!

Staying Safe

Last, and most importantly, our lessons help condition your little one on safe ways to behave and interact with the water. Drowning is the leading cause in preventable death for children aged 1-4 in Canada. That’s why we are strong believers that children are never too young to begin building safe habits in and around the water that will last a lifetime.

Parents are the only ones that know when the right time is to start swimming lessons. Our lessons welcome babies from 2-23 months old, so we believe they’re never too young! We even offer these lessons for free for little ones under 6 months old.  Classes are divided into two levels based on ability, so each class is tailored to what you and your baby’s experience level is in the water. From just getting the baby’s face wet to learning to kick, we’re there every step to help your little one become a safe, strong little swimmer!

Want to see some classes in action? Click here for a preview of our Patent & Tot swim lessons!