Behind Our Founder: An Interview with Tiernan Murphy’s Mom

They say that behind every great man is a great woman: his mom. That’s why we sat down with our Founder Tiernan Murphy’s mom, Ann, to chat about Tiernan’s younger years and how he’s become the Chief Wave Maker we know and love today!

The Early Days

With a full-time working mom of two boys, and a self-employed dad who ran his own successful contracting business, Tiernan was built to lead and launch his own business.

Growing up with two working parents, Tiernan learned so many life skills early on – particularly the social ones. Being surrounded by different children, babysitters and caregivers from a young age catapulted him into being the social butterfly he is today. Very comfortable outside the home, he had a strong sense of independence and always had fantastic playtimes with other kids; listening well, respecting discipline, doing Saturday chores – with a smile on his face, most days!

One of the greatest memories Ann has of her son as a child is him sitting on the edge of a full laundry basket, legs dangling, with a big smile beaming from his face. That was a perfect representation of Tiernan – a “curious, happy, adventurous little soul that was loved by all who met him.” A little jokester in school that loved to play pranks, Tiernan was always ready for a good laugh. Wherever there were people and activity, he was there, jumping into the fun.

Built for Leadership

Tiernan is excellent with children (making him perfect for teaching swimming lessons!). He studied Sciences in University to become a pediatrician, and while we know he would have made a great doctor, we’re so glad he jumped into launching Making Waves instead! “He has such a passion to build, create and improve results”, Ann says. That, paired with how sociable and friendly he is, makes people naturally want to partner with his projects and get involved.

His leadership may have stemmed from being so socialized as a child, but it only continued through his teen years. As a camper at Columbus Boys Camp, then a councillor and supporter, Tiernan is familiar with the world of leadership and managing teams in a fun, supportive environment.

“It takes a village to raise a child,” Ann says. All the community leaders and people around Tiernan have helped shape him into the leader he is today. She and her husband are so proud of him and what his team has created. “We see Making Waves culture strengthening and positively influencing our community.”

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