Black Lives Matter. We stand with you.

At Making Waves, we stand with the Black community and are fully committed to creating safe spaces for everyone.  Black lives matter. We do not tolerate racism or racial harassment of any kind — and we never will. In that spirit, we share this reflection by Tiernan Murphy, our Founder . . .

I grew up in a very diverse community. I was taught to accept others based on the content of their character, not on the colour of their skin. I also grew up largely ignorant of the struggles of my Black friends, peers and community members. My parents never needed to tell me not to wear a hoodie & backpack in public or not to keep my insurance and vehicle registration in the glove box for fear that reaching for it may be misconstrued.

I regret not being more aware, so I have spent more time understanding the experiences and challenges of the Black community through participation in anti-racism events, conversations with friends and family and listening to real-life stories from our Staff members from the Black community.

While the teaching of my parents holds strong, I am newly recommitted to diversity, equity, and inclusion and we will work harder to provide an environment within our broad Making Waves family that is anti-racist and free from bias.

Making Waves aims to provide a welcoming environment for everyone: students, parents and guardians, and anyone who walks through our doors. No matter what, we strive to uphold our work value to keep getting better in our diversity journey.

~ Tiernan

In the spirit of our shared commitment to learning, we urge all of you to engage on these issues with curiosity, humility, empathy, and self-awareness in service of active dialogue, brave allyship, and the human goodness that can be brought out by all of us.