Hello Families and Swimmers!

Beginning Tuesday March 1, 2022 the proof of vaccination requirement for recreation facilities will no longer be required.

Making Waves is continuously updating its safety measures in line with government and health regulations.

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COVID-19 Awareness

Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

Does Making Waves require proof of vaccination from patrons?

As of March 1, 2022 Making Waves Swim School will no longer require proof of vaccination.

What are the rules regarding face masks?

As of March 21, 2022 face masks will be optional at all of our locations.

If someone in your household has tested positive for COVID-19 and you are not required to isolate, please ensure you wear a well-fitted mask at all times in our facility for 10 days after your last exposure.

What steps does Making Waves take to properly maintain their pools?

Providing a safe and clean environment is why Making Waves Swim School has always invested heavily in the infrastructure of our pools. In addition to the appropriate use of chlorine, each pool has a high-quality UV water purification system that keeps the water clean. When water is pumped through our UV system, ultraviolet light rays kill dangerous germs and inactivates viruses.

Making Waves’ air filtration systems continuously expel stale air from the pool room and replace it with 100% ambient, fresh air.

Our dehumidifiers have features like antimicrobial filters and controls that enable us to maintain healthy humidity levels that reduce the survival of bacteria and viruses.

Making Waves Swim Schools are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that monitors pool chemicals electronically and, in addition, we perform scheduled and documented manual water tests throughout the day to maintain healthy and balanced pools.

Making Waves pools are permitted by the governing Health Departments and are periodically inspected without notice by local authorities.

Making Waves pools are some of the cleanest and safest places for your children and our coaches.

Can I request a Coach who is vaccinated?

Due to privacy regulations, we are unable to share the vaccination status of our staff.


Save these dates!

Year round swim sessions offer daytime, evening and weekend options to suit every schedule.  Session start dates are listed below. Individual class start and end dates will vary based on the day of the week you are registered for.

Below are important dates throughout the year to remember, including session start and end dates, closures, and registration periods.

Below are important dates throughout the year to remember, including session start and end dates, closures, and registration periods.