How Making Waves Ensures the Cleanest Pool Water Around

The most important part of your experience at Making Waves happens in the pool. It’s why we take great care of our water and make pool maintenance such a priority. Here’s a sneak peak at the pool maintenance we do behind the scenes to ensure clean and kid friendly water!

Filter. Filter. Repeat.

High quality water is clean water. We keep our water clean by filtering it faster and more frequently than required by The Ontario Public Pools Health Protection and Promotion Act. In addition to this, our water goes through two comprehensive filtering treatments. Our water goes through micro filters which catch any small particles, and then gets put through our UV filters, or germicidal lamps.

Disinfected Ultra Violet Style.

Germicidal lamps are a great non-chemical way to assist with water disinfection. These lamps use ultraviolet technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria and are so effective that they’re actually used in water treatment plants! Our UV filtration system can neutralize even highly-contagious cryptosporidium in a single pass. This powerful final filter helps make sure our water is clear of any contaminants and is as clean as possible.

Out with the Old.

Even the most powerful filter can’t match fresh water. That’s why all our pools employ the best practice of flushing “old” water and adding a TON of fresh water every day. We actually add at least 20 liters of clean water per swimmer per day! That’s the equivalent of ten 2 litre soda bottles per person every day.

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

Fresh water is extremely important for the cleanliness and safety of our pools, but we do our best not to waste a drop of water. One way we do this is by using it to clean other parts of our facilities. We have hoses that take the warm chlorinated water being replaced and cycle it through to be used for cleaning the floors of our change rooms. This makes sure other parts of our facility are always clean, all the time while also being friendly to the environment.

Chlorine Clean.

Chlorine sometimes gets a bad rap, but it’s a safe and necessary disinfectant. Making Waves has a top-of-line chlorination system that’s maintained 24 hours a day. We also test our pool chemistry every two hours to ensure our water is clean and safe for even our littlest swimmers.

We take a lot of pride in our pools, and we’re proud to have some of the cleanest pool water around! We hope you and your children enjoy your swimming lessons even more knowing exactly how much pool maintenance we do every single day!