What is a B CORP Certification?

The B Corp Certification process is governed by the non-profit, B Lab® which verifies that a business is meeting rigorous standards of performance, accountability, and transparency for all stakeholders. Certified B Corps are for-profit companies that focus on a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit while also using their business as a force for good.

Our B CORP Journey

“When I learned about the opportunity to become a Certified B-Corporation, I couldn’t have been more excited to join a movement that our values naturally align to,” said Tiernan Murphy, First Wave Maker at Making Waves. “We are very proud of receiving the B-Corp Certification, which cements our strategic vision for the future. It provides confidence for our team and current and future families that want to make more informed purchasing decisions with purpose-driven organizations.”

What Being B CORP Certified Means To Us


Reduce our environmental footprint by driving continuous improvement in our environmental management systems and initiatives.


Foster an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves, and participate meaningfully in their communities. 


Be accountable and transparent about our sustainability performance and ensure alignment between policy and purpose.

Companies taking the B Corp Assessment score an average of 50.9. Making Waves secured an overall score of 102.5 on its B Impact Assessment and is one of just a handful of B Corp-certified ESG and sustainability organizations in the recreation sector. The first swim school in Canada!