Important Life Lessons Learned from Swimming Lessons

Extracurriculars play an important role in our children’s life, and swim lessons are no exception. As parents, we want them to stay active, have fun and of course learn a life saving skill, but have you ever considered what other important lessons they’re learning in the pool?

Having taught thousands of kids to swim, including many of our now team members we know that these  lessons  will help your child create success in and out of the water.

Fear should never get in your way.

We believe that every child can learn to swim and love the water, but sometimes a child’s fear can get in the way. Learning to swim not only helps keep your child safe by teaching them what to do if they fall in, it also shows them how to overcome their fears and jump into something new.  Knowing how to manage their anxiety and push through will be essential for everything from presentations to starting at a new school, to a job interview.

Every step counts no matter how small.

Sometimes thinking small is the secret to big success. We teach using a smaller steps philosophy, breaking skills down into three to five steps. Allowing swimmers to master things one small step at a time, we help propel your child forward by keeping them motivated and preventing them from getting discouraged. It also helps show your child that most things don’t happen overnight. Real success comes from practice, consistency and sometimes patience.

Always cheer for each other.

Cheering for each other has always been a part of our culture. We know that kids learn better when they feel supported by their teachers and peers. What you might not realize though is that when your little one is clapping for their classmate or giving a high five, they’re actually learning how to be a good friend. Teaching your child to cheer for their peers helps them learn how to create and sustain meaningful relationships — a necessary life skill that will serve them well.

Good things come from good habits.

Indoor swimming lessons are a great way to keep your kids physically active, especially if your child’s other activities are seasonal. But you’re not just keeping them physically fit. When you enroll your kids in swim lessons, you’re also teaching them how to effectively manage time and how to incorporate important things like physical activity into their routine. This will be an essential skill as their schedules get busier down the road.

We’re grateful for the important role we play in your child’s life and we believe whole heartedly that the keys to swimming success are the same as those required in many other areas of your child’s life. Want to hear more of our stories or ready to get started? Find the program that’s right for your little fish and start swimming.