Little and Big Waves Learn to Swim Program

With 25 years of experience behind us, coupled with feedback from our swimmers, parents and experienced team, Making Waves is proud to have made enhancements to our Learn to Swim program that will be beneficial for many reasons. With the implementation of our new program we intend to increase pass rates through more small steps teaching, focus on building strong foundational swimming skills and continue developing confident and safe swimmers!

The idea of enhancing our program allowed us to reflect on the past years of Making Waves which helped us to perfect our innovative, effective and results-focused techniques. Looking back, we are so proud to be taking our learnings and implementing a streamlined curriculum that focuses on safety in and around the water, self-rescue skills and building proficient swimming strokes! We have also streamlined the difficulty of each sequential level, so that each level builds proportionately from the previous one.

The most noticeable changes that you will see within this new program are:

  • A change in our Level Names to align with our brand: Little Waves and Big Waves!
  • An additional Level added to our preschool program to help with skill development
  • New Progress Trackers to encourage swimmers to work towards program completion
  • Instructors are now called Coaches, to encourage a mentor/mentee relationship

By offering focused levels with clear goals, we can ensure that our swimmers are picking up on the right skills in the right order to gain confidence and continue their progress.

Most importantly, the implementation of this program stays true to our core values. It’s been 25 years but we are still strongly committed to our motto “Kids Have Fun, Parents See Progress”, and truly believe that our Little Waves and Big Waves programs are the best way to teach your child to swim and ensure that you will see the progress!

We are incredibly proud to be producing confident swimmers for over 25 years and we hope to keep making more waves with you!