Little Waves Program (2-5 years)

Fun and challenging for children aged 2 to 5

If your child is between 2 to 5 years of age, they’re ready for our Little Waves program! Both fun and challenging, this seven-level program offers flexible entry and exit points based on your child’s age, ability and progress.

Designed to appeal to preschool children, games and activities engage their imagination while they learn important skills and increase their knowledge.

Goggles are recommended for all Little Waves levels and reusable swim diapers are also required for children under 36 months. Both can be conveniently purchased at our front desk!

Class Length: 30 minutes

Class Ratio: 4:1

Little Wave 1

This level is for children who are 2 years of age and are attending independent lessons for the first time. The goal of this level is to increase your child’s comfort in the water. Children will learn how to float with the help of our Wearable equipment, as well as learn how to move their legs in the water.

Little Wave 2

This level is for children that have passed Little Wave 1 level or who are between the ages of 3 to 5 years and are attending independent lessons for the first time. The goal of this level is to increase your child’s confidence in the water and encourage underwater exploration. Children will continue to learn how to float with assistance, glide with leg movement, and climb out of the water on their own.

Little Wave 3

This level is when you will really start to see your child’s confidence underwater increase! In this level, your child will be encouraged to accomplish skills with independence including doing front and back floats on their own for at least 5 seconds.

Little Wave 4

This level is often referred to as “the kicking level”! This level is designed to teach your child propulsion by learning how to flutter kick through the water. We will move your child through several progressions until they are moving independently in the water for a solid 5 seconds, or roughly about 3 to 5 metres.

Little Wave 5

This level is the beginning of learning how to swim front crawl. There are four skills in this level, and three of them are the foundational skills for front crawl. They include breathing position, rocketship rollovers and arm movement.

Little Wave 6

This level continues on with basic front crawl by combining the three foundational skills of front crawl into one sequence. Basic front crawl will now include adding arm movement, coordinated breathing, and rolling from their front onto their back. Your child will be learning the building blocks for front crawl as well as be introduced to basic back crawl.

Little Wave 7

Basic front crawl and back crawl are the major areas of focus in this level. Your child will also be practicing entering deep water, supporting themselves at the surface for 20 seconds (treading water) and returning to a point of safety without assistance. Once swimmers pass Little Wave 7, they move onto Big Wave 4!