Not Your Average Swimming Lesson!

Dear Families,

At Making Waves, we pride ourselves on providing a swim lesson experience that is anything but ordinary! Our goal is for kids to have fun while steadily improving their skills. You may have noticed that our unique teaching approach includes the use of wearable equipment. Here’s why our program stands out and how this equipment contributes to your child’s swimming success:

Building Confidence from the Start

Our swim aids, such as specialized arm floats and floatation belts, provide the necessary support to help young swimmers accomplish their first swimming skills with confidence. This initial comfort in the water is the foundation upon which we build their swimming skills.

Progressive Skill Development

Using this equipment allows children to focus on mastering individual skills while encouraging proper body position in the water.  This allows them to be able to practice the skill correctly and comfortably until they’re ready to progress. Think of this equipment like training wheels on a bicycle!  For instance, while wearing a floatation device, children can concentrate on perfecting their arm movement or kicking techniques. This step-by-step approach ensures that each child progresses at their own pace, gaining confidence with every new skill they acquire!

More Practice = More Progress!

Utilizing wearable equipment empowers our coaches to safely increase the practice time for each swimmer. By facilitating the movement of multiple children simultaneously during various skills, the equipment significantly boosts the amount of active time in each lesson. In early swimming sessions, waiting for your turn is inevitable for some skills, but with wearable equipment, this waiting time is reduced. Active engagement and continuous practice foster accelerated progress in our swimmers!

Encouraging Independence

As children become more comfortable in the water, we gradually reduce their reliance on wearable equipment. This process helps them develop a sense of independence and achievement. By the time they are ready to swim unaided, they have already built a solid foundation of skills and confidence. This transition is a pivotal moment in their swimming journey, marking their progress from dependent to independent swimmers.

Kids Have Fun – Parents See Progress!

Our unique program has made a significant difference in the lives of many young swimmers and their families. Here’s what some of our parents have to say:

Norah T.: “Making Waves Swim School helped my daughter overcome her fear of water. The swim aids gave her the confidence she needed to start swimming, and now she loves it!”

Sandeep R.: “The personalized attention and use of swimming equipment made a huge difference for my son. He learned to swim at his own pace and is now swimming independently.”

Emily H.: “I appreciate the focus on safety and the fun environment. My kids look forward to their lessons every week!”

At Making Waves Swim School, we are committed to nurturing confident, skilled, and happy swimmers. Our use of wearable equipment is just one of the many ways we support our students’ growth and success in the water.

Wishing you and your swimmer a great session!

Thank you for choosing Making Waves!