Parent and Tot FAQ

Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about the Parent and Tot program. If we missed something, call your nearest Making Waves Swim School location or send us an email at

What should I bring to Parent & Tot class?

  • You and your little fish in your favourite swimsuit or shorts!
  • Two swim diapers (available for purchase at our front desk)
  • 2 Towels
  • Indoor shoes (outdoor shoes are not permitted in change rooms or on the pool deck)

What should I expect?

  • During a typical class the Making Waves Instructor will assist you with teaching your child the following skills:
  • Holding their breath under the water
  • Swimming a short distance between instructor and parent
  • Learning how to grab onto the side of the pool
  • Jumping into the water from a sitting position
  • How to float independently
  • Kicking (introduced as an advanced skill)
  • Rolling from front to back while in the water – a life saving skill

In addition, parents will learn how to hold their child during a back float along with basic first aid skills.

How will swimming classes benefit my baby?

  • Improved concentration skills and perceptual abilities
  • Emotional and physical development
  • Improved co-ordination, balance, and strength
  • Strengthened heart, lungs, which in turn aids development of the brain
  • Greater social skills and intelligence
  • Increased confidence at an early age
  • Calming experience (great for babies with Autism and Asperger’s)

How can I help prevent a pool fouling?

  • If possible, try not to feed your baby right before your class
  • Ensure you check your baby’s diaper before entering pool
  • Use a reusable swim diaper, and ensure it is the right size (available at the front desk)
  • Please don’t bring your baby to swimming if they are not feeling well
  • Please let your instructor know if you think your child has had an accident

Some more helpful hints as you join our family at Making Waves Swim School:

No Shoes – No Problem!

For everyone’s health and safety there are no outdoor shoes permitted in our change room areas or on the pool deck. You are welcome to bring indoor shoes.


Strollers are permitted in the viewing area but we ask that you not bring your stroller into the change rooms or onto the pool deck.


We love cameras and they are always welcome! Please feel free anytime to come out on deck and take pictures. If you snap a photo of your little fish that you would love to share, send it to or share it with us via social media.

Swim Diapers

Two swim diapers with a snug fit around the legs and waist are REQUIRED for all swimmers under 36 months, as well as older children who are not fully potty-trained. Layer 1 can be any reusable or disposable swim diaper that you feel most comfortable with! The outer layer must be a reusable, cloth swim diaper. We recommend the “Happy Nappy!” Please help us prevent leakage into the pool, which causes a temporary pool closure.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know!