Parent & Tot Program (2-30 mos)

Foster your baby’s natural love of water

Our specially designed Parent and Tot program is a fun way to build your child’s confidence in the water! In these classes, you’ll learn basic water safety skills and proper holding techniques. You will help adjust your child to the pool in an environment that encourages social interaction and enjoyment.  Our Parent and Tot program is recommended for children between the ages of  2-30 months.

Class Ratio: 7 Parents + Tots : 1 Coach

Parent and Tot 1

This first level introduces your child to fundamental aquatic skills that include breathing control, buoyancy and balance in the water.  Some specific techniques the children will learn are holding their breath when going under water, back floats, and roll-overs.  At Making Waves we believe that roll-overs are a Lifesaving skill.  Songs and games are also incorporated into the lesson to make it fun and interactive for your child.

Parent and Tot 2

Parent and Tot 2 begins to introduce your child to propulsion, how to move through the water.  You will begin to see your child become more comfortable going under water and working towards greater independence.  Your child will learn to blow bubbles and be introduced to kicking.  Songs and games are also incorporated in this level to practice both new and old skills.

Have questions about the Parent and Tot program?

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about the Parent and Tot program.