Swim Lessons: Why Parents Are Part of the Process

As a child in swimming lessons, there is no better feeling than sticking your head up from the water after completing a challenging skill and seeing your family there to catch your success.

At Making Waves, we believe that parents are part of our team. Whether you realize it or not, you are making a contribution to your child’s swimming lessons. Here’s how to maximize that contribution:

Be Attentive

Children notice when parents are watching, and like to show what they can do. Put down the phone and engage with your child by cheering them on or offering encouragement. Being truly present during your child’s swimming lessons shows them that learning to swim matters. It also gives them a chance to show you what they can do!

Having extra eyeballs on your child may also put them at ease, making them feel more comfortable to try a new skill that the Instructor introduces.

Be Consistent

We see a difference in swimming progress when a child has their support system watching. Be a “Present Pool Parent” as often as you can so that your child experiences consistency during their lesson.

It is also important for parents to see their child progress in their swimming ability. By consistent engagement, you’ll understand your child’s strengths and where they need improvement.

Sometimes, our Instructors need input from those who know their students best. Those quick conversations after swimming class between parent and Instructor are a positive interaction for your child to witness.

Be Supportive

Learning to love water begins at home. Let your child play in the shower or bathtub with supervision, go swimming as a family, and help with swimming “homework”. Most importantly, dedicate time to let your child know that their swimming lessons are important to you, they matter, and that you are happy with their progress so far. Communicate this support during one-on-one time with your child, such as on the car ride to and from swimming lessons, or right before you tuck them into bed.

Be there for the process so you can be there for their success!

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