Tiernan Murphy – 12 things I learned in 25 years

In celebration of Making Wave’s 25th anniversary, what a better way to close off the year than sharing the founder of Making Waves, Tiernan Murphy’s, wisdom and insight on what are some of the key things he has learned over the last 25 years.

  1. Do what you love. Love what you do. Find something that you enjoy and do it really well.
  2. Water the green. Reinforce good things and good habits.
  3. Think differently because normal is boring.
  4. It’s about the people you work with. That’s what makes the difference.
  5. Poop in the pool is bad.
  6. Owning and operating a swim school is difficult to simplify.
  7. Build your business for the long term. Forget the cheap short term fixes, build it well and do it properly.
  8. Training and mentorship are paramount.
  9. Kids having fun and parents seeing progress defines a great swim lesson.
  10. Let go – allow others to lead.
  11. All of us are smarter than any of us. Use the power of the crown to drive your decision making.
  12. Spend your profits on hiring amazing people that will help you grow.

Thank you to our families, staff, and friends for giving us a wonderful journey for the last 25 years. Thank you for showing up every day and putting forth the effort to learn, grow, and make waves. We are in this together and the support we receive leads to more fulfillment, abundance, and service to others. When we rise as individuals, we naturally rise as a collective.