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Are you new to Making Waves? Is it your child’s first lesson? Even if you have been ‘making waves’ with us for a while you may have questions. Below you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.  Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just give us a call – we’re always here to help.

What can I expect when returning to swimming lessons during Covid-19?

We’ve adapted the facility to ensure that everyone’s safety is the top priority.

Please check out our COVID-19 page for details.

Can I drop my child off at swimming lessons?

Any swimmer under the age of 12 must be accompanied inside the facility before and after their lesson by a designated guardian who is at least 16 years of age.

How much do lessons cost?

Our pricing varies by location and session and is based on the number of lessons. Please visit or call your local Making Waves for detailed pricing and scheduling information.

Do you cancel lessons due to bad weather?

We’re in Canada eh! Rain, sleet, or snow we are probably open. If you’re still not sure, check our Facebook and Instagram pages for any immediate updates and instructions.

Can I sit on the pool deck to watch?

The big glass wall at our facilities is not a barrier! On the contrary, it is there to allow you to watch your children in a comfortable environment while they enjoy their lessons in our warm pools! We encourage you to sit on the benches or chairs where provided on the pool deck. If you have a question or a comment please feel free to speak to your Head Coach or Supervisor.

Does my child need to wear a swim diaper?

Please help us prevent a pool fouling which causes a temporary pool closure. Two swim diapers with a snug fit around the legs and waist are REQUIRED for all swimmers under 36 months, as well as older children who are not fully potty-trained. Layer 1 can be any reusable or disposable swim diaper that you feel most comfortable with! The outer layer must be a reusable, cloth swim diaper. We recommend the “Happy Nappy!” Forgot something or have questions about sizing and fit? Let us know! We can help!

What areas are strollers allowed in?

Strollers are permitted in the viewing area but we ask that you not bring your stroller into the change rooms or onto the pool deck.

Can I wear my shoes on the pool deck?

No Shoes – No Problem! For everyone’s health and safety there are no outdoor shoes permitted in our change room areas or on the pool deck. You are welcome to bring indoor shoes however!

Can I take pictures of my child during swimming lessons?

Absolutely! We love cameras! Don’t hesitate to come out to the deck and take pictures of your little fish! If you get a great picture or video, remember to share it with us on Facebook and on Instagram!

Can my child always have the same coach?

While we will try our best to accommodate requests for a particular coach, we cannot guarantee them as the majority of our coaches have schedules that change every few months. But not to worry! All of our coaches teach the same skills, just with their own personal flair! In fact, exposure to different coaches will help your children progress and succeed at a faster rate.

What if my child is crying?

Crying children are a very normal part of swimming lessons. We see it all the time with beginners – so don’t feel like you’re the only one! At Making Waves, if a child is crying, the Head Coach will help out with the class and give your child the one-on-one attention they need. In some situations where your child really can’t stop crying to get your attention, we’ll let you know that it might be time to watch from our observation decks that allow you to cheer them on from where you can’t be seen! Just be ready with a towel and a big hug for your child after the lesson.

When is the best time for my child to start swimming lessons?

Our Parent and Tot Program is recommended for children between the ages of 2 to 23 months old and babies love the warm water of our pools. Classes without mom or dad in the water start when your child is 2 years of age.

What happens if my child misses a class?

We understand that circumstances beyond your control may cause you to miss a class, these things happen.  We do not reschedule missed classes.  Not to worry, a missed lesson or two throughout the duration of a session won’t hinder your swimmer’s progress.

Can I change my swim schedule after lessons have started?

We know that families have a lot of schedules to juggle! If you need to change your scheduled swim time, and if there is space available in your child’s level, we would be happy to help you find another time that fits your schedule.

What is your cancellation policy?

Full refunds will be issued to families who wish to cancel their enrollment prior to the first day of lessons.  Students who withdraw after the first day of lessons are eligible for a monetary credit for the lessons remaining on their file to be used toward future programming.  There are no refunds after the first day of lessons.

Can I enrol after a swim session has started?

Of course! We will pro-rate your fees and charge you only for the lessons remaining.

What do I need to bring to swimming lessons?

You should bring a bathing suit and towel. Goggles are recommended and two swim diapers are mandatory if your child is under 36 months (see “Does my child need to wear a swim diaper?” for more details).


Save these dates!

Year round swim sessions offer daytime, evening and weekend options to suit every schedule.  Session start dates are listed below. Individual class start and end dates will vary based on the day of the week you are registered for.


Below are important dates throughout the year to remember, including session start and end dates, closures, and registration periods.

New Program Names

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ATTENTION: Making Waves is closed to align with directives based on the advice of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health regarding COVID-19. Please know that we are ready to open as soon as children’s activities resume in our communities. We all want our children back to a normal routine as soon as possible. We will keep in touch as this situation unfolds and will continue to respond to email and phone communications as promptly as possible during this time. Please continue to stay connected with us on our social media channels. We are so looking forward to laughter and learning filling our pools again!