Swimming Lessons and Motherhood : Interview with a Making Waves Mom

As a Making Waves swim mom, Tehseen somehow manages it all…She’s a mom of two from Brampton, Ontario who enjoys blogging during her free time and sharing her life in squares on Instagram whenever possible. Tehseen also loves to travel, keeping her kids busy and as active as possible! And like most moms, she manages the balancing act of working, driving, cooking, feeding and cleaning her children over the years by her desire and drive to provide opportunities to her children. This includes water safety.

Tehseen shares that “I think swimming is a life skill. It’s something that everybody should learn; it was the first activity I learned as a kid and the only class I took continuously until I was a teenager. My family and I are always around the water whether it be at a beach or someone’s house who has a pool. I need to know that my children have the skills to save themselves in case they fall into the water. There are so many times this has happened to other parents, I have heard many scary stories and therefore I want to do whatever it takes to keep my child safe. If your child knows how to swim, there is a chance that they will be able to survive.”

Being a part of the Making Waves family for just about a year, Tehseen has seen the benefits from the Parent & Tot program. Tehseen has participated in several classes with her 14 month old son, Jacob, where he has learned that when he is dipped into the water and brought back up, he reaches for the ledge. Tehseen recalls that, “there is this instant reaction by my son where he realizes that the ledge means safety/security and it’s great to see that he’s able to acknowledge that at his age.” Jacob has also learned that when he goes under the water, and Tehseen blows in his face and yells “under”, he will close his eyes and mouth and go under. Even at this young age children start to process instructions and recognize safety techniques which can potentially save their lives. Tehseen states that “drowning is a huge dilemma and I am not the one to say that it’s never going to happen, because it can happen. As a mom, I know it is my responsibility to keep my children safe and provide them with the opportunity to learn how to swim.”

Tehseen’s 2 year old daughter, Jenna also has a water confidence and swimming skill level that gives her peace of mind.. “The 3:1 ratio classes make me feel relieved as a parent that the coach is able to keep an eye on the kids at all times.” She also states that “my daughter has had incredible progress since she has been at Making Waves and this is something I wouldn’t be able to teach my child”

Swimming is a great all year round activity and its wonderful for children who learn to swim at an early age because It will make them healthier, more energetic and more active. Swimming is a skill that can be mastered at any age but is best when taught early on so the swimmer can have a life of enjoyment and exercise.

Tehseen says “Our generation of parenting is different, I’m not always with my daughter, she might be with her grandparents sometimes or with my in-laws, going to the lake, so with her knowing how to swim I feel so relieved”. Tehseen also finds it remarkable that not only has her daughter become a great swimmer but also developed excellent listening skills and improved her coordination! It’s a win win situation! Tehseen recalls her daughter always asking when her next swimming lesson is and when she can see her coach again, so this excitement and enthusiasm coming from her daughter gives Tehseen joy and reassurance that she made the right choice!

At Making Waves we understand the sentiments that parents have towards their children and this is where our core value “Kids Have Fun, Parents See Progress” is born out of. At the end of the day it is because of your love for your child that you try to equip them with necessary lifesaving skills and strengths and at Making Waves we hope to do more than just that, we want your child to make waves.

As a Making Waves swim mom, Tehseen wants to share that being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed. Tehseen shares that “as a mom, you want your children to be safe, smart and healthy and I believe that Making Waves Swim School hits all those 3 points.”