Why Children Should Stay in Swimming Lessons

We understand that sometimes swimming lessons can be hard – when your child doesn’t want to cooperate or when you’re stuck in traffic trying to make it to the lesson in time to change your child before it actually starts. But it’s definitely worth it knowing that your child is learning a lifesaving skill. Swimming also brings with it a range of benefits, offering a great workout for body and mind – as well as being lots of fun!

Kids Have Fun, Parents See Progress

As after school schedules start to grow heavier, it’s natural for parents to question whether kids really need to keep doing swimming lessons. The question, “At what age can you stop taking swimming lessons?” might be the one rising in your mind. It’s advised to ask yourself at what age would you be happy to let your child go to the beach with friends and know they’d be confident and safe in and around water? What might help you answer that question is seeing your child’s progress within the Learn to Swim Program. One of our core values at Making Waves is “Kids Have Fun, Parents See Progress” because we understand both sides. After a certain point, children begin to naturally lose interest and perhaps don’t want to come to their lessons as it’s not as “fun” for them anymore. However, effective swimming skills, which our children acquire during their swimming lessons right up to Level 10, are a lifetime ability that can potentially save your child’s life, as well as others, should an emergency ever occur.

Building Endurance

Learning how to swim properly is similar to all the other subjects that we take in school. As it is with mathematical equations and scientific theories, repetition and consistency is important in order to grasp concepts and be able to apply them. It’s also about building endurance, not just being able to do a stroke. If lessons are not possible, it is advised to keep kids swimming constantly throughout the year – at local or backyard pools. Turn your child’s swimming skills into second nature. Some families have the perception that as soon as their child can swim to a certain distance, they don’t require swimming lessons anymore, but you actually should want them to be able to swim double that distance and to keep that endurance up.

As your child progresses and becomes an advanced swimmer, it’s important to realize that there’s a difference between swimming in the pool and the beach where you have large waves and strong riptides. The more water safety experience and confidence your child gets, the better it is for them so they are familiar with the different types of situations that can occur. Children who have constant exposure to the water have lots of time to become confident and grow into better and stronger swimmers. Keep your child active throughout the year and don’t forget that our facilities have warm water pools and warm air environment that make it so comfortable during the cooler and winter days.

What’s Next?

Our programs are designed to appeal to children and involve lots of fun games and activities to engage their imagination while they learn important life skills and increase their knowledge! The way to keep growing is to keep trying! And once Level 10 is completed, the journey can continue with Lifesaving Courses!  And once those are done and your child is 16, why not pass on their confidence to others? Your child can choose to become a Coach at one of our facilities! Making Waves is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome all individuals. Come to our Job Fair happening on October 19th to learn more about teaching at Making Waves! Embrace the journey, trust the journey and just keep swimming!